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watermarks on our minds
más tablas 
11th-Feb-2010 07:16 am
El insomnio es creativo; nuevas tablas. Las tres de 20 prompts, las tres musicales y las tres de quotes. No hace falta que aparezca la canción en lo que escribáis, o que aparezca exactamente la frase. Ni siquiera hace falta que conozcáis al grupo/cantante o que hayáis escuchado las canciones.
Para coger alguna, tenéis que dejar un comentario especificando cual de las tres tablas cogéis, el nombre del original, los personajes (también puede ser sólo uno) y un link a la tabla. Si decidís abandonarla, tenéis que dejar otro comentario con el nombre del original y los personajes, indicando que está vez es para dejarla.

01. Queen of the world.
02. You're just another guy.
03. What is real love to you?
04. You read about love in a book somewhere.
05. Put a prince on my soul.
06. Nicotine and coffee are my friends in this fight.
07. I like you so much better when you're naked.
08. Believe me I can play games cos I know all the rules.
09. Give me no chance to reconsider.
10. I won't mind if you take off all your clothes.
11. I hope you've enjoyed your time of fun.
12. Bring me consciousness and kill my innocence.
13. Drive away my heart.
14. You only call me when you're drunk.
15. Find a cure for my life.
16. It made me realize how much you wanna give away just to feel loved.
17. Keep me warm
18. I know I'm always drunk as drunk as can be.
19. Fear is no longer in time.
20. Love will be my grave.

Código de la tabla

01. We started nothing.
02. We got the choice if it all goes wrong.
03. Are you calling me darling?
04. Shut up and let me go.
05. Nothing was the same again.
06. Holding back, everyday the same.
07. It's not what you do its what you're thinking of.
08. Don’t you feel you’re growing up undone.
09. I was something unignorable.
10. That's not my name.
11. I'm a riot.
12. You find it hard to stop now.
13. Now feel the fever as I leave you wanting more.
14. This hurts, but I can't show.
15. Don't wanna be a loner.
16. You know it's over, but you just can't sleep.
17. Everything’s breaking, but I don’t care.
18. Keep your head.
19. The little we had, you’ve thrown it all away.
20. We've come so far yet back to the start.

Código de la tabla

01. Grab this moment before it's gone.
02. Tired of trying to do it right.
03. I forgot how to hope.
04. I am confidence in insecurity.
05. You need that boy like a bowling ball dropped on your head.
06. And the view will never change unless you decide to change it.
07. If I could have the time back, how I'd live?
08. I wish that i could stop this wishing and just say my last goodbye.
09. A fairytale that isn't coming true.
10. Maybe things'll work out, but maybe they'll never.
11. Life goes on before and after you.
12. With life we never know when we're coming up to the end of the road.
13. Tragedy's a reminder to take off the blinders and wake up.
14. We could have been everything, but now we're not.
15. You've come too far to walk away.
16. Today's your day so come on, bring it on.
17. I'll be everything that I want to be.
18. The rocks of life won't pull me down.
19. The old can be made new, the lost can be found.
20. Life is worth living.

Código de la tabla

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18th-Jul-2010 06:27 pm (UTC)
hecho. ahora te apunto :3
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